Alaska – Kayak Outfitting – KodiYak

Kodiak Island Kayaking and Fishing

We use the biggest and best, most seaworthy fishing kayaks on the market.  Old Town Bigwater 132 Sit on Top Pedal Drive or Paddle Fishing Kayaks, and Jackson Knarr Fishing Kayaks.  We launch in the bays along the Kodiak Highway System, where the calmer water is and the fishing is also good.

Sightseeing for Wildlife, Puffins, Otters, Seals, Sea Lions, Whales, Orcas, Sea Ducks, or Fishing for Salmon, Rockfish, Sea Bass, Halibut.

May 15 – September 15 each year.

Guided/Escorted Trips also available.

We are sticklers for safety and we limit kayaking to calm days with calm winds. We also limit how far out we go to ensure safety.

The minimum group size is 3 for safety.  The maximum group size is 20.  Because that is all the kayaks we have.

Age Restrictions: No one under 14 years old.

Size restrictions: No body over 30o bills.  You must be able to pull yourself back in the boat if you fall out. Which is very rare, but still.

We do have Rental Rods and Reels and bait for sale.

We do have rental sonar fish finders.