Land Stewardship

Land Stewardship
• Brush cutting/mulching
• Vegetation control management
• Timber inventories assessment
• Land clearing
• Bush hogging
• Reforestation and planting
• Habitat enhancement through prescribed burning
• Licensed Commercial Herbicide Applicators
• Seeding of turf, native prairie/wild flowers,
• conservation and wildlife plantings


Soil Testing
• Depth to bedrock excavations and surveys
• Soil types
• Percolation rates
• Lake/pond site analysis
• Analysis for road construction, recreational construction

Excavation Services/Equipment
• Excavation for site development/road construction
• Building construction excavation
• Utilities and septic systems
• Lakes and ponds
• Drainage and erosion control
• Grading and land reshaping

Construction site/conservation erosion control
• Installation of all agricultural (SWCD, USDA-RCS) practices
• Hydroseeding
• Silt fence installation
• Channel stabilization and grading
• Slope stabilization
• Vegetation establishment

Wildlife Habitat Enhancement and Management
• Optimization of wildlife habitat
• Hunting program administration (controlled access and lease arrangements)
• Wetland development, restoration, construction
• Lake and pond restoration, construction