Sustainable Forestry

We provide the following services:

• Timber Stand Improvement
• Thinning Beneath Crown to Accelerate Large Tree Growth
• Fuels Reduction
• Vine and Invasive Species Control
• Tree Damaging Insect Control
• Selective Harvest For Sustained Highest Yields of Timber, Wildlife, Water Quality and Recreation.

Timber is a truly sustainable resource because forests are able to regenerate themselves within our lifetime. Besides the resource of wood, forests also provide numerous other benefits; aesthetic and recreational. They are places of repose and recreation, they are systems filtering our water and providing habitat for wildlife.

Overview of Sustainable Forestry

Forestry, agriculture, and recreation, are the foundations on which a sustainable ranch is built. Sustainable practices are those which can be perpetuated indefinitely. Under sustainable forestry, forest owner wants and needs are fully considered and forests are managed to produce a variety of values and benefits. Values that go beyond the direct sustainability of the forest ecosystem include: aesthetics, recreation, wildlife, economics, biodiversity, and non-traditional forest products.

We implement environmental and forestry science, coupled with information technology which was incomprehensible just a decade ago. We utilize satellites and computers technology to construct powerful management monitoring and modeling programs, for sustainable forestry.