Algae Control in Lakes and Ponds

Biological Algae Control – Our Preferred Approach

  • Algae Eater Bacteria -Digestion of algae as a food source for beneficial bacteria.  We offer 4 different blends of bacteria for algae control:
    • Winter Blend – for water temps from 38 to 60 degrees F, that also effectively consumes leaf litter buildup.
    • Moderate Temps Blend – For water temps ranging from 55 to 85 degrees F. This is a very powerful all around bacteria for digesting muck, dead vegetation, fish and waterfowl wastes, and control of algae.
    • Hot Weather Blend – For water temps ranging from 80 – 120 degrees F. This is a very effective blend for the digestion of organic muck from the lake/pond bottom and effective at algae control also.
    • Blue/Green Algae Eater  – This blend is most effective in water temps over 65 degrees F and when applied directly to matted algae uses that algae as a food source. This is my favorite strategy for organically controlling B/G Algae.
  • Bacteria application is the most efficient means of lake or pond treatment as living organisms eat the organics that cause a build up of muck, loss of depth, and internal nutrient recycling of phosphorus that fuels algae and weed growth.  The bacteria that we sell and apply are actually spores stored in a dormant state.  In other words, bacteria eggs.  So, when we apply them to a pond, it takes  a few weeks for them to hatch out and populate/colonize the pond substrates and water column.  Thus there is a 3-4 week lag time between initial inoculation in the beginning of the season, and when the bacteria are effectively working to clean up the lake/pond.  The benefit is, between doses, they are still at work, efficiently munching away at the organics and algae.  So, from a manpower perspective it is a passive treatment system.
  • Bacteria digestion of muck restores pond depth and as much as 1 inch per year of muck can be digested in the Midwest temperate zones.
  • Planting beneficial native macrophytes (vegetation) to shade the water, assimilate  and provide fish habitat.

Chemical Algae Control – For Rapid Algae Control

  • Copper Based – Chelated Copper Liquid can be sprayed directly on the alge to kill it.
  • Peroxide Based – this  is a powder that turns to peroxide biocide when applied to water.
  • Alum Flocculant Application – Aluminum Sulfate will bind excess, free phosphorous nutrients in the aquatic ecosystem preventing free phosphorous from being utilized for nuisance weed and algae biomass
  • Polymer Flocculant Application – To strip suspended sediment from the water column and also bind phosphorous