About The Owners

Soilandwater.com is owned and operated by Steve Chafin, Sam Chafin, and Levi Mitchell. We are a land and water stewardship company providing “State of the Science” products and on site project implementation service to achieve the highest rate of success at the most reasonable long term cost.  Economics is a major consideration in our projects to make projects economically feasible as well as scientifically and technically sound.  Steve’s long experience in environmental science, civil and environmental engineering, and construction, with the energy of our field project managers,  bring you the best of all arts and sciences, rolled into one turn key consultant/contractor.

Steve Chafin is the Senior Project Manager with an AS degree in Construction Technology, a BS degree in Environmental science/Ecological Restoration and MS in Environmental Engineering.  Steve has worked in this field since 1989, overseeing and executing over 1000 projects ranging from planning and permitting, to design, construction, and post construction monitoring.

Sam Chafin and Levi Mitchell are the field project managers making all projects run smoothly to completion. They started their careers in 2013, working in all aspects of land and Water Stewardship.

On our projects, you literally get scientists and/or engineers running heavy equipment and executing projects.  We get our hands dirty, toil, work long hours, well after government quitting time.  We get in the mud, dirt, water, muck and manure.  We are never too educated to do whatever it takes.

We have worked for the federal, state, local governments and hundreds of  private land owners.  We love what we do, and most of the people we have worked for remain lifelong friends.

“This world has an overabundance of problem identifiers and a dire shortage of problem solvers,  We are the problem solvers”, Steve Chafin

  • Farm and Ranch Management
  • Ecological Restoration
  • Erosion Control
  • Invasive Species Control/Vegetation Mansgement
  • Forest Management
    • Timber Inventory
    • Timber Stand Improvement
    • Timber Harvest and Small Scale On-Site Saw Milling
  • Rangeland Management
  • Prairie Restoration
  • Pasture Management
  • River and Stream Restoration
  • Lake and Pond Restoration
  • Recreational Leasing and Management
  • Fire Restoration
  • Forest Fuels Thinning
  • Road and Building Construction/Restoration.

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